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What’s the best size and shape for a footstool? That depends on its intended use and the space available. A feature footstool can be a striking addition to any interior design - but choices in big stores can be somewhat limited. We can create myriad shapes, heights and sizes in a vast range of stunning [...]

William Morris Thistle Linen

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For over 30 years we’ve been using William Morris fabrics and can’t think of one that hasn’t been a pleasure to work with. One of our favourite’s has got to be ‘Thistle’ – designed in 1897 by J.H. Dearle, originally as a block printed wallpaper and adapted to be printed on pre-dyed linen in striking [...]

Jim Dickens Fabrics

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Two new pattern books from Jim Dickens have arrived, Beaumaris and Carousel. The Carousel Check 100% wool looks and feels good – and obviously complies with the UK fire regulations. The other designs, with being 75% or more natural fibres, can be used with a Schedule 3 interliner. We prefer a wool based one, which [...]

Chair Frames

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What’s the first essential to upholstered furniture? Like any building project – it’s good foundations, and for upholstery this means a quality hardwood frame. Our winged armchair frames are supplied by renown suppliers. The frames are constructed of 100% hardwood – with glued, dowelled and screwed joints. You cannot achieve the best standard on a [...]

Autumn Cushions

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Now autumn’s here, is it time to bring out the scatter cushions whose colours reflect the season? Sanderson fabrics certainly offer many choices – ‘Amanpuri’ is a bold design and the browns of the ‘Old Gold/Aubergine’ colourway suit the time of year. 'Woodland Berries' 'Rosehip/Moss' introduces 'greens' rather than 'browns' Alternatively, the ‘Squirrel & Hedgehog’ [...]

Upholstered Screens

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Carefully positioned upholstered screens can be a great addition to an interior design scheme - whether for privacy or to cut down on draughts in an old property. Perhaps the £4.5 million apartments next to the recently opened extension at Tate Modern in London, which are allegedly over-looked by the new Tate Viewing Gallery might [...]

Pattern Matching

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How important is it to match the pattern on upholstery? Vital - if you are claiming to be a professional & working in quality materials. William Morris's Artichoke is a good example. This richly detailed weave, based on a wallpaper design of 1898, currently has a ssp of £115 per metre. At that price customers, [...]

Stunning Fabrics from GP & J Baker

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Sunday 18th - Travelled to Focus 16 at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. Chosen some really stunning fabrics from GP & J Baker. Looking forward to their delivery & working them up into some new pieces for the shop & website. Visit to see truly fantastic upholstery fabrics.

Upholstering in a straight line

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What's the best way to ensure a straight line when upholstering in a plaid or any fabric with a definite line? We use a laser line! It's more accurate. Whether it's a chair for re-upholstery, or as on this new chair created for a customer in Sanderson's Woodford Plaid Brick/Wine. See the full Highlands range at [...]

Cockatoo Velvet

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Is this the most beautiful fabric depicting a sulphur crested cockatoo available? Personally, I haven't seen anything that comes near it! Elanbach's digitally printed Oyster Velvet feels luxurious & Cockatoo Rainforest lifts the spirits & would brighten any room. The 134 cm wide design is beautifully detailed with fantastic depictions of cockatoos, tropical flowers & [...]