Cutting fabric for cushions

//Cutting fabric for cushions

Cutting fabric for cushions

How I cut fabric for cushions is governed by the pattern repeat of the cloth – vertical and horizontal. For instance, William Morris Marigold, with a 22.5 cm vertical repeat, is such a ‘busy’ fabric that it’s possible to cut it ‘run of fabric’ – without being detrimental to the finished cushion.

Whereas, Morris’s Strawberry Thief is a different proposition altogether. It is essential that the design is centred – vertically and horizontally, for the cushion to look right. This very precise pattern has a vertical repeat of 52 cms and a horizontal repeat of 45 cms. These repeats limit the options for possible cushion sizes – and affect the amount of ‘wastage’. A square cushion cut at 45 cm ‘wastes’ 7 cms of vertical fabric per cushion. But, it is possible to make a ‘mini’ cushion cut vertically at half the repeat that results in all the fabric being used! One thing you mustn’t do is cut through the birds!! – as I have seen on cushions advertised by a famous High Street name.

slate - vellum petite reverse with 42 cm

Golden Lily Minor, another lovely Morris fabric, vertical 27 cms horizontal 30.5 cms, is a design that needs, ideally, to be centred on the paired waving lines running up/down the fabric. That means any cushion width is limited to a maximum of either being cut at 45 cm or 61 cm. However, vertically, the cushion works fine cut ‘run of fabric’.

golden lily minor centred vertically

Three Morris fabrics – three different strategies. One cut run of fabric, one centred vertically and horizontally and one centred horizontally only. But the end results, when created with skill and care, are always beautiful cushions that would grace any home. And guess what – all three are available on the online shop –




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