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Gimp Braid

There are times when upholstery fabrics abut show-wood on furniture and the tacked raw edge must be covered. Several options are available – including hidem banding, upholstery nails (domed studs) and assorted braids. (I don’t like the modern practice of using ‘double piping’ – it just looks wrong to my eye). Which device is used very much depends on the piece of furniture and the covering material. When it comes to braid, my number one choice is always 40A scroll gimp braid. It is much more versatile than ‘flat braid’ and is especially suited for curves and corners. More expensive than standard braids, but worth the extra cost. It’s defining feature is that it allows the fixings – gimp pins – to be concealed and gives a thoroughly professional finish.

Lift the ‘scroll’ on the braid, by hand or with a skewer, and place a gimp pin of the appropriate colour underneath.

gimp pin positioned

Gently tap the pin down with an upholstery hammer and re-position the ‘scroll’.

pin & hammer

The gimp pin – if correctly placed – holds the braid in place and is neatly hidden from view.

gimp braid - skewer

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