Kelmscott Manor

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William Morris’s home in the Cotswold’s, Kelmscott Manor, which includes a number of listed buildings, is to receive a large Heritage Lottery Fund grant to save it from falling into disrepair. A number of his famous designs were inspired by the gardens and surrounding countryside. Possibly, the one most notably associated with it being Strawberry [...]


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SHOWROOM SALE NOW ON. Crescent Upholstery is renowned for creating individually crafted upholstery including footstools, chairs, sofas and chaises – examples of which are showcased on the website. All of which can be ‘Made to Order’, after discussing your requirements by phone/email, and despatched countrywide. Many of the unique pieces featured on the Website are [...]

Cushions Galore

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Sanderson/Morris’s dis-continued list for this year includes some beautiful fabrics, many of which it’s sad to see go. Where I have stock of some of these fabrics I’m putting them on my Offers Page - - often at greatly reduced prices. For instance, there's a single Morris Thistle cushion at under half price! But [...]

Vintage Sanderson Fabric

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I’ve got four metres of now dis-continued vintage Sanderson linen, ‘Merrick Park’, copyrighted in 1983, in stock. The fabric is new and unused and has been carefully rolled in storage and is, therefore, in perfect condition. I can make this rare fabric up into beautiful 42 cm square scatter cushions, with a large discount off [...]

Morris Archive IV – The Collector

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I’ve just purchased the new William Morris “Archive IV – The Collector” pattern book and have some new favourite fabrics! ( I love striking fabrics, and Wandle ‘Indigo/Carmine’, first produced in 1884, is particularly colourful. I’ll be making it available through the online shop as a scatter cushion, shortly, along with the two other colourways. [...]

copacabana tub chair

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I’ve just re-covered a rather ordinary, (by the owners’ admission), tub chair in Sanderson’s Copacabana ‘Multi', and what a stunning difference the fabric makes! It may be too bold and bright for some people's taste - but I love it! It’s a shame this lovely uplifting tropical fabric is being phased out. There are just [...]

Nympheus Cushions

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Nympheus is one of my favourite Baker linens. This 1915 design – adapted from a Ming dynasty painted silk scroll acquired by the British Museum – features kingfishers, egrets and lotus leaves. Sometime ago it was featured on the wall of Baker’s showroom at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre – and looked stunning. The fabric, available [...]

Gimp Braid

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There are times when upholstery fabrics abut show-wood on furniture and the tacked raw edge must be covered. Several options are available – including hidem banding, upholstery nails (domed studs) and assorted braids. (I don’t like the modern practice of using ‘double piping’ – it just looks wrong to my eye). Which device is used [...]